'Skill India Course Better Than A Degree’

Undergraduate Bhikhari Raout, 24, from Bihar has enrolled himself at a skill development centre where he learns CCTV installation. The eldest child in his family of seven, he is confident of finding a suitable placement at the end of his training.

I got to know about the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna when I saw large banners related to it being placed at strategic points over large distances. Whenever we would go out we would see these banners and it piqued our curiosity.

I also met a few people from other centres under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna who were able to find decent placements after their training. Therefore, although I am currently doing my graduation, I enrolled myself at the skill training centre. Whatever little doubts I had regarding the programme were cleared when officials from the centres came to visit our village for encouraging youth to take up skill development. Around 10-15 boys have joined the course from my village.

The centre that I am enrolled in is in Banka: it opened around March 2019 and ours is the first batch. I am confident that it will help me get better employment opportunities than what my regular college course would facilitate.

The best thing I like about the skill development centre is that the classes are held regularly and the medium of instruction is in a language we understand. The teaching methods are simple and there are “practicals” to help us to grasp concepts easily. Colleges in Bihar don’t follow a regular schedule, so the consistency in quality as well as regularity in conducting classes means we feel very enthused to come here every day.

I am enrolled in the course where they teach about CCTV installation. Even though I have chosen Arts stream for my graduation, my heart beats for new technology. A few years ago, I had worked in a technology firm where I used to handle the store.

I believe this is a good initiative for students like me. One thing that I will like to share from your forum is that these centres can only impart you with skills, but you will have develop your own attitude towards work and livelihood. I feel the students must have a positive attitude so that they can give the learning process everything they have. This course provides us a springboard. How high we jump using this depends on our courage levels. I make sure I do not miss a single class. In fact I eagerly wait to attend classes every day.

We are a family of seven and I am the eldest child. Thus securing a job early is very important for me in order to take care of my family. Plus, if I get a job of my choice, my younger siblings will also be more confident about the employment opportunities available to them. I am fairly confident that I will land a good job after my course ends in August 2019.

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