th August of not publicly commenting on conflicts in Pakistan other than Kashmir. An insurgent (called terrorist by Governments) strike responding to Modi’s new found mission to free Balochistan from Pakistan was Pakistan Army’s message to India. It also served to inform its own citizens that it was consuming most of Pakistan’s GDP for a ‘noble’ purpose. Uri sent the Indian media into a hysterical frenzy. Attack, Attack, Attack, said the scribes who probably have no relatives in the armed forces and sit in the safety of Delhi, far away from the border. They have probably been mimicking high pitch journalism from the British tabloids. Somebody should give these ‘jawab dena chaihe’ chest thumping journalists one way tickets to be embedded reporters in the LOC forces for a year. But then in joined the RSS and its sister (or brother) organisations who are trying to imagine themselves as the brave warriors of Mahabharata, at least in words. ‘maar denge’, ‘Dikhao Pakistan ko’, easy words to shout from the streets of Mumbai or Delhi. Punjabis who usually end up fighting the wars that rest of India screams about, do not want this war. They are not happy at Modi’s bravado postures. The Sikh General who made a great deal out of a small cross border shoot out labelling it as ‘surgical strike’ looked a bit out of character. It is a pity as Sikh soldiers are still held in awe by the Pakistan Army. Meanwhile the rest of the world has barely noticed the ‘surgical strike’. A story or two appeared and has already left the 3rd and 4th pages as well. Ban Ki Moon and Obama made the expected noises about peace, brotherhood, regional talks etc. Indian diplomats have been standing on every international forum table where they have a chance and pronouncing ‘Pakistan is a terrorist State’. The media (Indian) calls this ‘diplomatic victory’. The weakness in India’s diplomatic triumphalism is that Pakistan has long been immune to being called a ‘terrorist’ state and does not care one bit what people name call it as long as they can buy foreign goods and arms, and have lunch with world leaders. Since the Afghan war and then the American war against Al Qaeda-Taliban, Pakistan has become used to surviving the worst allegations. Sometimes it keeps quiet, sometimes it even joins the accusers and pretends to sympathise with the world by drawing attention to ‘terrorism’ against Pakistan by Taliban etc. ‘We ourselves are suffering from effect of terrorism’ is an oft repeated remark by its leaders when accused of cross border terrorism. Its diplomats chant that at United Nations and any other forum including FOX news. [caption id="attachment_4070" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Pakistan and China Agreement Pakistan and China Agreement[/caption] They say truth is the first casualty of war. So we don’t know what happened in the early hours of Thursday morning. The Indian General called it surgical strike. Pakistan called it a farce by Modi, desperate to respond to Indian media hysteria after Uri. The words ‘surgical strikes’ have some sort of threatening meaning in the dictionary of world ‘superpowers’. Clearly there is now another definition which for the want of a better world can be called ‘Indian surgical strike’. Whatever happened and may happen, it seems this episode may be the pattern of war in the next few years. It is going to be like coco pops. They pop and make a lot of noise but are harmless in the wider scheme of things. It appears that Pakistan will continue with one of its major export, ‘jihadis’, going around bombing and shooting for a ‘cause’. And as usual Pakistan will deny this visibly invisible growth industry that needs no export-import license. While India under Modi will concentrate on diplomatic offensives forcing countries to call Pakistan ‘terrorist state’ in return for buying arms etc. Some punitive ‘surgical strikes’ will be conducted routinely now and then. Sooner or later these will be known in the world as ‘Indian surgical strikes’. It will keep the ‘village cryers’ (called journalists these days) occupied. It’s a far cry from the days of Dr Manmohan Singh who used to ignore the screaming media much to their annoyance. But then he didn’t have to bother with vote baiting either. He took the excitement out of the one theatre that has kept India-Pakistan occupied with each other for decades. Nevertheless he still managed to get the upper hand on Pakistan every time. We are now in Modi land. The theatre is live again.     //

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Dr Rai said it rightly all along – but monmohan Singh kept it in lingering situation that resulted , what is happening in Kashmir – Pakistan got to stop it – so now this time whatever ‘ may be called ‘surgical operation- but it is starting different time of era- one will see not only Kashmir- Blochistan is in picture _ one may we call it dangerous but surely it is not co op po po war affairs- it is more into it – what Pakistan enjoyed on the plight of others such as Kashmir etc- this time on the… Read more »